本社ショールーム  Head office Showroom


We polish the planning capabilities to meet the wide  variety of needs from brand development to OEM production. We are making effort to raise the efficiency from the planning to production and distribution by not only collaboration with the pottery but also expansion of production bases in and out of Japan like Yokkaichi plant and Malaysian plant that are under the group of companies.

四日市工場  Yokkaichi plant


Network with the pottery which we have built since the establishment of our company is the strength of TAMAKI rooted in this region. Furthermore, we are constructing a system to enable the provision of products more speedy by deepening the cooperation with overseas bases like Shanghai Office, Yokkaichi plant and Malaysia plant that are under the group of companies.

物流倉庫  Distribution warehouse

製品の流通には、タイミングとバランスが肝心です。国内・海外の拠点を活用し、必要な時、必要な場所に、チャンスを逃さず商品を供給することが可能です。 物流センター/土岐(本社・山神・妻木・土岐口)、北海道、四日市、福岡、マレーシア(クリム)、上海

Timing and balance is essential for the distribution of products. Utilizing the bases in Japan and overseas, it is possible to supply goods when and where they are necessary without missing the chance Distribution Center / Toki(head office・Yamagami・Tsumagi・Tokiguchi), Hokkaido, Yokkaichi, Fukuoka, Malaysia(Kulim), Shanghai

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